A Holistic Approach to Education

All curricular subjects have the potential to bene t the lives of students and to promote their growth and development.

Particular subjects such as Social, Political & Health Education, Relationships & Sexual Education, Civic, Social & Political Education and Religious Education allow students to reject on their own feelings, beliefs and attitudes and can be very helpful in promoting positive mental and emotional health.

Promoting Literacy and Numeracy

One of the aims of Coláiste Chiaráin is to maintain a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills within a broad and balanced curriculum. As part of our whole school approach to literacy and numeracy we have introduced a “Reading Wall”, “Book in the Bag” and a specially appointed Reading Room. The keyword strategy has been applied across all subject departments. Students take part in public speaking and debating to enhance their literacy skills. Each year students are registered for Maths Week during which they take part in on-line mathematical challenges. Further educational applications are used to enhance mathematical understanding
such as “Infused”, “Manga High” and “Build Up”. Based on our high success rates in Junior Certi cate, students have been nominated for All-Ireland Mathematics and Science Olympiads.

Maths Week Activities

Morse Code Puzzle