Learning Support

Learning Support Programme

A support structure for students with additional learning needs is provided through our Learning Support Programme. The Learning Support Team assess the needs of individual students and where appropriate design a programme for those students with specifc needs. These supports are offered following formal and informal assessments and consultations with parents, primary school teachers and other relevant educational professionals.

Big Brother / Big sister

The Big Brother/Big Sister Programme involves a commitment by Senior Cycle students to support their 1stYear“little sister”or “little brother”, in order to help them adjust to life in secondary school.This programme runs for the entire year and is social in nature. It involves lots of fun activities designed to foster friendships and social skills between students and creates a peer mentoring system whereby older students keep a caring and watchful eye on the youngest members of the school community.

Study Skills

All students (including all 1stYears) are given the opportunity to participate in a Study Skills Programme. This is an invaluable aid when it comes to preparing for both school and state examinations, given its emphasis on developing good study habits and motivating students to learn effectively.

Supervised Evening Study & Homework Club

Coláiste Chiaráin offers all students an opportunity to avail of supervised study for two hours after school from Monday to Thursday. Evening study is run under the supervision and guidance of the teaching staff. Junior Cycle students can also attend a Homework Club during the week, where a member of staff is on hand to offer support or guidance if needed.

Mindfulness & Relaxation Classes

Mindfulness in schools has become increasingly popular of late and is useful for all students across the entire school. Mindfulness form as part of the both the curriculum and extra curricular programme. Exam classes in particular, are given an opportunity to partake in mindfulness/relaxation classes but this support is open to all students.